Welcome Winter.

WinterGoldenWe had our first snow in the Pacific Northwest – right after Thanksgiving. I love snow. But what I loved more was when the photos started arriving, people who adopted puppies from us started sharing their “first snow” pictures.

Unfortunately about this same time, a litter of puppies we brought up from California broke with parvo. We lost three little girls in the first day, two were picked as hero dogs. It’s heartbreaking. Literally. But then the puppy photos arrive. And the senior dog that Elizabeth has been visiting and bathing for the last month finally leaves the shelter to a foster home. Those are the victories we try to remember, saving the ones we can.

2014 has been amazing – the name change to Save-A-Mutt; our partnerships with some amazing shelters and rescues; fun new swag – we love our swag!

Our new website will be rolled out soon, including opportunities for advertising from pet based businesses. Our social media presence is expanding – we are very busy on Facebook – that’s where you will find current news and events. Instagram is our new platform, it’s fun to share even more photos of the dogs we help.

We are always fundraising! Our mission is only limited by the dollars our bank account – the more we have, the more we can help. Thank you for a wonderful year, bring on 2015.

Scrub-A-Mutt 2015 is August 22nd!